Welcome Back!

We are excited to have started in-person learning every day at Swope Middle School. The halls of Swope Middle School are again filled with passionate educators and administrators, and students eager to learn.

The Swope Parent Faculty Association (PFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the students and faculty of Swope Middle School. To help our students and faculty, the Swope PFA provides support in the areas of academic improvement, educational enhancement, facilities, school events, and staff appreciation. We cannot accomplish our mission without financial and volunteer support from families like yours.

Last year, the PFA was able to purchase:

  • A laptop cart with laptops for our classrooms.
  • Foggers to sanitizer and clean our school.
  • And host a number of faculty appreciation events.

The PFA’s goal this year is to raise money to meet the ever-changing needs of our school after a pandemic year. Whether it be technology, professional development for our teachers, additional class materials and supplies, or enrichment programs for our school, we will be working with faculty and staff to address these needs.  Becoming a PFA member is a great way to help us achieve this goal. Membership also provides you a voice on how PFA funds are distributed within the school.

We wish your student(s) all the best during the upcoming school year. Should you have any questions for the PFA, please e-mail swopepfa@gmail.com.

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